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Apple Repairs


Logic Board Repairs

Liquid Damage repairs to all Apple Mac Computers, down to component level.


Liquid Damage Repairs

It doesn’t matter what kind of liquid has damaged your Apple Mac Computer. We have them all, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, baby formula and even chicken soup! We can repair any model of Apple Mac comptuer, latest models or vintage.


Component level repair

We not only professionally clean the Logic Board on your Apple Mac computer. We will trace each component undera a microscope and we will repair the board REPLACING any components that are gone as a result of getting in contact with liquid of any kind.

Liquid damaged MacBook Pro?

You need to act fast!

Call today (0208 5396655  



Accidents are prone to happen. That is a fact of life. During the years, we’ve had so many customers coming to us after a liquid related accident. We received on a daily basis MacBook Pro (Apple Laptops) that had been in contact with fluids of all sorts.

We’ve had Coca-Cola, red wine, tea, coffee, water and even chicken soup spillage on top of Apple Mac Laptops!.

But, we managed to save their computers as well as their precious data. With the mantra of “you can have a new computer, but you can’t have a new data”.

We do not only Professionally Clean your Apple Laptop when we’ve got it here in our workshop. After doing that, we trace each component where we see that rust is starting to build up (with a microscope) and then, we replace each component. So, it is not just a good clean; we do repairs down to component level.

Yes, we can fix it! Yes, we can, because we have years of experience. We’ve got the right knowledge, and we’ve got the tools. But most importantly, we’ve got our client’s trust. You just need to read the reviews we’ve got!



        Apple Repair

Common Mac Repairs Include:

AppleCare Warranty Repairs
Mac Tutorials
Hard Drive Replacement
Software Installation                             
System Tune Up
Memory Upgrades                                   
Crash Recovery
Internet Troubleshooting
OS Installation
Preventative Maintenance
File Recovery & Transfer