Data Recovery

Data recovery is a process to regain your data (Pictures, videos, documents) that was stored on your devices before it failed or damaged. The process is different depending on what device we are doing data recovery on. Turnaround time for data recover can be from a week to a month.

Are you ready to send in your your device for data recovery?

Computer Hard Drive

Is you computer hard drive damaged or corrupted? We can fix it for you, depending on the fault the data recovery from a faulty hard drives that have an OS installed can take from one week to a month of course we will keep you updated during the process.

iPhone and iPad

Have you been told that your pictures, videos, notes whatever you had store on your iPhone or iPad is gone for good? Not so fast we can recover your data from any iPhones and iPads, we will get your data saved on a flash drive and send it back to you with your device, we have recovered a lot of data from liquid water damaged iPhones and iPads our experience with iDevices are exceptional. Data recovery for iPhones and iPads can take from 3 days up till 2 weeks.

Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones and tablets

Got a Samsung Galaxy or any other Android device such as Google Pixel, OnePlus, Huawei, LG, Sony Xperia, Motorola and Xiaomi ect. and want your lost data back from your broken or dead device? We can recover your data.We are also offering Chip-off data recovery for non encrypted devices please contact us for more information

USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives can fail, but all hopes are not lost yet to get you precious data back. We can recover your data in no time.

SD & microSD cards

We offer SD and microSD card data recovery


There are different type SSDs (Solid State Drive) in the market, please contact us for more information regarding data recover on SSDs.

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